Smart Long Term Care Staff Scheduling with EmLogis

Smart, automated long term care staff scheduling for nurses, physicians, and all other long term care staff.

There are few businesses where staff scheduling is as critical or complex as Long Term Care. You need to be certain that you have the right people at the right place, at the right time, at the right cost.

You have legal, clinical and safety regulations and ratios that you have to meet. You have hours per patient day to hit. You have families you have to please. You have budget constraints, you have ever-changing long term care staffing resources and availability…

We completely understand this. We know your pain. Why? Because we’ve built and delivered custom long term care staff scheduling solutions for some of the world’s largest healthcare organizations – We get long term care staff scheduling! We designed our application to be stern enough to ensure compliance and yet flexible enough so it works the way you want to work.


There are many benefits to using EmLogis. More than we could possibly list here, but take a look at some of the biggest and most popular benefits our customers have achieved.

Long term care staff turnover is higher than virtually any other healthcare sector and you have to deal with that turnover on a daily basis.

EmLogis makes it simple to see exactly what resources you have available and to make changes to schedules on the fly to ensure you are meeting your long term care staffing requirements and maxing the potential of your resources.

You have employee union requirements to satisfy, long hours to staff, safety regulations to account for, corporate mandates to meet, and employee preferences to juggle.

EmLogis can take the most complicated rules about when employees can and cannot work, minimum and maximum hours per day or week, maximum consecutive days worked, minimum required hours off between shifts or any other complex long term care staff scheduling rules and produce the optimum schedule, balancing all these requirements.

We generate schedules in minutes, not days. Automated employee-supervisor communication workflow dramatically reduces the time supervisors spend communicating and changing staff schedules.

Our schedule optimizer reduces the need for over-scheduling, overtime and external staffing agencies. Audit trails and status feeds eliminate the need for post-it notes, phone calls and paperwork. In short, your employees spend their time taking care of patients, not worrying about schedules.

How much are your schedules costing you? Why does payroll never match the actual schedule? Which schedule changes are costing your business the most? Who’s doing the best managing labor costs, who’s driving costs up?

Our schedule analytics engine shows you exactly what’s happening and enables you to continually improve your scheduling process to reduce cost, ensure compliance, increase satisfaction and improve service levels.

You’re responsible for ensuring compliance with a bunch of regulations and mandates. You need to capture compliance information and create an unimpeachable audit-trail.

Our compliance logging and reporting application quickly and easily records events that need to be captured and communicated throughout the day. Assign logs and tasks from one supervisor to another, discuss the events and mine then for patterns.

Why Choose EmLogis for Long Term Care Staff Scheduling

  • Save money by reducing overtime and not over scheduling
  • Ensure regulatory and governmental compliance
  • Increase employee and supervisor satisfaction
  • Work the way you want to work not the way we want you to
  • Make scheduling fast, fun and easy
  • No software to install, Use EmLogis on PC, smartphone or tablet, anywhere you can access the internet

“…[best in class organizations] are 32% more likely than others to allow employees self-service access to sign up for open or available shifts.”
Workforce Scheduling, Aberdeen Group
“…[best in class organizations are 16%] more likely take [self-service] a step beyond where they leverage ‘float pools’, which are established communities of existing employees within geographic prozimity whose skills can be utilized across other locations in the region.”
Workforce Scheduling, Aberdeen Group
“…[by leveraging float pools and self-service]…an Illinois-based health system saved $2.2 million in agency and overtime costs over a three year period…”
Workforce Scheduling, Aberdeen Group