Automated, affordable and easy-to-use employee scheduling.

We’re EmLogis.


Automatically schedule the right person, at the right place, at the right time.

Ditch Your Spreadsheet

We’re smarter than your average staff scheduling software. Our SmartRules Scheduler™ processes and prioritizes 18 different important criteria to get you the best schedule in minutes! Get the best schedule week to week.



EmLogis is more affordable than you think and fits into any budget.

Made for your budget

Smart, flexible & affordable. For just dollars per user, you & your employees will get completely automated scheduling, workflow, secure websites for both managers & employees, email & text notifications and more.



Implement in in just two weeks, not months. We're there every step of the way, for free.


No year-long implementation period. EmLogis’ white glove implementation takes days, not months. The best part? It’s free. We help you along every step of the way. Start scheduling employees in just 14 days or less.


Customer Success Story

Glenda Miller, Nurse Administrator

“EmLogis is now being used at all four of our large outpatient clinics. I am, as always, a huge fan of EmLogis and it didn’t take long for the other nurse administrators to feel the same way.

The staff at all our facilities love EmLogis as well. In fact, one of my nurses just shared a story with me about being out with a friend and afterwards they were planning another get together. She tells me that when she pulled out her phone to check her schedule in EmLogis, her friend was in awe. The staff are quite fond of the mobile app and of the course they love the convenience of requesting a day off as soon as the notion strikes them.

I don’t think we have ever had to call support. That really speaks to the quality of your product!”

Independent Dialysis Foundation


EmLogis Features

It all starts with employee scheduling. Whether overtime is out of control, or employees are unhappy, the employee schedule impacts your entire business more than you think. EmLogis offers tons of features to help you take control of your employee schedule.

24/7 Online Access

Securely access your schedule when it’s most convenient for you. Use EmLogis anytime day or night – as you’ve got an internet connection.

Email & Text Notifications

Get notified. Fast. Schedule notifications you care about sent right to your inbox.

Mobile Ready

Manage your schedule from home, work or on-the-go from any smartphone or tablet.

Submit, Post & Swap Shifts

Employees can submit time off requests, request overtime hours, work in place of or swap shifts with peers. All with the click of a button from their computer, smartphone or tablet.

Overtime Reduction

Reduce overtime cost and hours by tracking usage, overtime smoothing and more.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Employees are more satisfied with their schedules and accessibility.

Increase Efficiency

Create schedules in minutes. Schedulers no longer have to worry about remembering time off, skillsets, etc. It’s all done automatically.

Reduce Payroll Cost

Reduce the cost of payroll by matching scheduled shifts to labor demand more precisely.

Safe & Secure

Powerful enough to replace your spreadsheets, configurable to meet your facility’s needs, secure to keep your information safe.

Customized for Your Facility

We know not all areas of your business operate the same way. There are different employees with different needs. Our system allows you to create custom rules tailored to each facility or department.

See EmLogis in Action

Register for a Webinar

Every Wednesday we host a 30-minute informational webinar that will give you a chance to see all the powerful features EmLogis has to offer. See first-hand how easy it is to schedule employees, manage schedule requests & more.

We will walk you through our application and show you all the value EmLogis can provide for your facility, from easier schedule request management to editing your schedule on-the-go with mobile apps. Register for one of our weekly webinars now.



Not available on Wednesdays? Learn more about EmLogis at a time that is most convenient for you. Get in touch with us to schedule a personalized demo and see our easy-to-use and affordable employee scheduling software in action one-on-one.

We will customize and tailor our product demo to your industry and show the powerful ways EmLogis can help you increase scheduling efficiency, improve employee satisfaction and streamline your employee scheduling process. Get in touch with us now.


EmLogis for Public Service

EmLogis helps Public Service organizations like Correctional facilities and Police departments to manage a complex, 24/7 work schedule. With EmLogis, it’s easy for Public Service employees to manage the schedules securely online, request time off, manage shift trading, and accept overtime. Public service managers are able to quickly and easily generate schedules, edit them, and make adjustments to accommodate day-to-day changes. Top level managers and directors can run reports to gain insight into facilities and monitor overtime.

Learn more.

Is Overtime Causing Chaos in your Facility?

Managing overtime can be a beast. EmLogis understands how difficult it can be to manage overtime from schedule to schedule and across all employees. That’s why we made it easy for our users to manage overtime by:
  • Assign overtime to the right employees.
  • Generate schedules that follow your rules every week with just a click of a button
  • Easily manage employee availability, vacation requests, call-outs and more

EmLogis for Healthcare

EmLogis helps Healthcare organizations like Long Term Care facilities and Dialysis clinics manage their day-to-day staff schedules. EmLogis allows employees to easily manage the schedules securely online, request time off, manage shift swaps with peers, and request to work available shifts.

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We helped Chuck, we can help you too.

Are you still using spreadsheets and notes to schedule your employees? So was Chuck. Watch how we helped him take his post-it note scheduling to the next level with easy-to-use, automated scheduling from EmLogis. With EmLogis you can:
  • Create rules that follow your specific facility standards for scheduling
  • Generate schedules that follow your rules every week with just a click of a button
  • Easily manage employee availability, vacation requests, call-outs and more